Leaving for Sofia, Bulgaria

In a couple of days I will be leaving to attend a 5-week intensive Delta module two course at AVO Language School in Sofia. I have been working on the distance part in the last month (including my experimental practice and first drafts of LSA1), but the bulk of the course will be while I... Continue Reading →

Delta Module 2

After a long hiatus since my Module 1 exam, I have finally started Module 2. I will be working on it all through the summer, and hopefully will have my certificate by September. The good thing about it is that it is helping me to feel motivated again -- a lack of motivation is what... Continue Reading →

Delta module 1 exam is over

Some impressions after sitting Delta module 1 exam.
After more than 15 months of preparation (while also working full time), I finally sat module 1 exam last Wednesday. Of course I can't say anything about the result, as I will not know until next February, but I just wanted to note down some impressions I have had after doing the exam.


I am writing this quick post to share a realisation I came to this week. After one year of worrying and studying for Cambridge Delta module 1, I finally feel it's paying off. Even if I won't pass the exam in December, I recently saw the fruit of all my hard work, which makes it... Continue Reading →

My beliefs as a teacher #1

Today I'd like to start to share a series of ideas and reflections on my own teaching practice and 'theory'. Why After reading Techniques and Principles of Language Teaching and How Languages are Learned* for my Delta Module 1 preparation course, I started reflecting on my own practice, trying to pinpoint what theories or beliefs... Continue Reading →

‘I don’t understand nothing!’

How many times have we hear this phrase coming out of one of our student's mouth? The student who feels she can't understand 'nothing' because she missed a word -- or even a phrase -- and so switches off completely for the rest of the listening activity, or of the whole lesson. Recently, one of the tasks... Continue Reading →

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